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AESOP for all ages is an award winning collection of songs based on the familiar fables of Aesop. What sets this collection apart is Anne Zesiger's warm, accessible voice, the sharp songwriting, deft musicianship, and the distinctly contemporary feel. The result is rewarding listening for all ages.

What People Are Saying About Aesop for All Ages

"The image-rich lyrics, set to mellow and beautiful folk-rock melodies transform Aesop's fables into musical storytelling that lingers in the imagination."
—Lynne Heffley, Los Angeles Times, Calendar Weekend

"...Ten timeless fables with evergreen lessons are brought to life in a mix of styles, clever arrangements, and anchored by Zesiger's distinctively accessible voice..."
—The John Wood Revue,

"...I have always enjoyed the time-honored fables of Aesop and over the years there have been quite a few attempts to bring them to life through song. This CD is the best I have heard. Zesiger blends her folk rock music with the lessons of Aesop in a new and fresh way that will capture the interest of children and adults alike. Each of the 10 songs illuminate an Aesop fable... you will not be disappointed."
—Fred Koch Chicago Parent Magazine

"Anne Zesiger's beautiful blend of folk rock music and Aesop's fables is a wonderful way for kids to learn and parents to remember Aesop's most important lessons."
— Sarah McArthur, Executive Producer, The Lion King and Toy Story 2

"At a time when children spend, on average, more time with the media than with their parents, Aesop For All Ages stands out by not only entertaining, but also bringing to life the valuable teachings of Aesop. Because it was successfully created for "all ages", we can enjoy it as a family. It provides priceless opportunities to discuss values that we are looking to reinforce whenever possible. Every family should have Aesop For All Ages!"
— Jim Steyer, best selling author of "The Other Parent", Stanford Professor

"Aesop For All Ages is the only CD that my four children can all agree upon. Best of all, I find myself listening to it when they get out of the car and forgetting that "their" music is on!"
— Blair Peters, Mother and Artist

"What a wonderful way to entertain my child and reinforce the values that I embrace. Aesop For All Ages is a treasure."
— Allyn Stewart, Producer, Madeline

picture of anneThe Artist

Anne Nachtrieb Zesiger is a San Francisco Bay Area performing and recording artist, classroom and music teacher, and mother. The songs of AESOP For All Ages were written in collaboration with her father, Harold C. Nachtrieb.

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